MS-06R-1A Zaku II R-1A


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Black Tri-Stars colors (MSV)

Gaia colors (Gundam The Origin OVA)

Mash colors (Gundam The Origin OVA)


Ortega colors (Gundam The Origin OVA)

Shin Matsunaga colors (MSV)

Masaya Nakagawa colors (MSV)

Eric Mansfield colors (MSV)

Anavel Gato colors


Robin Bradshaw colors

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MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type


General and Technical Data


Model number: MS-06R-1A
Code name:
Zaku II R-1A
Unit type:
mass production high mobility space combat mobile suit
Zeonic Company
Principality of Zeon
First deployment:
UC 0079
pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
overall height 18.0 meters; head height 17.5 meters
empty 61.8 metric tons; max gross 76.8 metric tons
Armor materials:
super hard steel alloy
Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1012 kW
rocket thrusters: 52000 kg total
Equipment and design features:
sensors, range 3200 meters
Fixed armaments: none
Optional hand armaments:
Zaku machine gun, drum-fed; Zaku bazooka; heat hawk; Type A2 MS bazooka (Gaia); ASR-78 anti-ship rifle (Mash); giant heat hawk (Ortega)


Technical and Historical Notes


When the Principality of Zeon military deploys its new MS-06R-1 Zaku II R-1 for field testing during the One Year War, comments and feedback on the test unit's design come back from pilots on how to improve the mobile suit even more. These ideas are incorporated into another upgrade, the MS-06R-1A. The R-1A type sees minor engine problems corrected, and its additional propellant tanks are replaced with removable fuel cartridges, making the R-1A faster to refuel during battle. A total of 56 new R-1As are produced, with half of the original 22 R-1 units upgraded into R-1A-types. Despite the increased performance and its popular design, however, the R-1A unit is deemed too expensive to produce - and too difficult for green pilots to handle. Production on the R-1A-type is halted, with the produced units becoming desired status symbols among Zeon mobile suit pilots. The R-1A-type is used by many famous Zeon aces, including the "Black Tri-Stars" team of Gaia, Mash and Ortega, as well as Eric Mansfield of the Home Defense Corps, and Masaya Nakagawa, stationed at the A Baoa Qu asteroid base. The units used by the Black Tri-Stars survive the war and are used by Char Aznable and two other pilots upon his return to the Earth Sphere in early U.C. 0083. Their distinctive color schemes create the momentary impression with Federation Forces pilots that the Black Tri-Stars survived the war.


Miscellaneous Information


Pilot(s): Gaia, Mash, Ortega, Shin Matsunaga, Eric Mansfield, Masaya Nakagawa, Robin Bradshaw, Char Aznable, Anavel Gato, Uma Lightning, Fabian Frischknecht, Kamuji
Appearances: MSV (Mobile Suit Variations); Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny; Gundam Tactics Mobility Fleet 0079; Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space; Mobile Suit Gundam: Pilot's Locus; Mobile Suit Gundam: Spirits of Zeon ~Dual Stars of Carnage~; Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait of a Young Comet; MSV-R; Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Rebellion; Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (anime); Gundam: The Origin MSD (Mobile Suit Discovery)
Original mechanical designer(s): Kunio Okawara (MSV version); Hajime Katoki (Gundam: The Origin version)
Note: "Masaya Nakagawa colors" custom lineart by v_zubko




Cockpit view